This is going into the new God Guy Bible, releasing next Spring:

For a God Guy, confidence is a requirement. Insecurity points to a weak faith, because security comes from what you know to be true about God, not about your strengths. When guys fear the future, when they resist faith and lose hope, they turn from the God they love and decide to live in a world of fear. Confidence and hope aren’t about your abilities or talents but are about God’s faithfulness and power. Men of the world boast about their self-confidence—a confidence that is stable until that self is shaken. But the God Guy boasts in his God, and this confidence is never dashed because God never fails. He’s never gone, out of touch, or weak.

Trusting in God and his call on your life often leads to success and honor. In Luke 14:11 we are told that God honors people who humble themselves. And that’s the crux of it all. When you honor yourself, or put all your confidence in yourself, it leads to pride, and pride comes before the fall. But when you humble yourself, which seems the total opposite of confidence, you actually get honored by God, and the result is your success. So don’t buy the world’s idea of honor. It’s backwards in the life of a God Guy. Humble yourself by trusting in God more than yourself and by putting your confidence in him, and he will lift you up.

Your turn: what makes it so hard to be humble? Why the need to be noticed, admired, respected, etc.?

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