Hayley had a big week last week, speaking at the Unfading Beauty fashion show and then keynoting the mini-conference on Saturday. Reviews sounded great.

But this week, the ball is in my court as I travel to Texas to lead a church youth retreat near the Gulf, then speak to parents of teens at the church Sunday morning before preaching to the whole congregation. Phew! 

After five years of basically saying ‘no’ to almost everyone that asked Hayley and I to speak, we’ve dubbed 2011, the Year of Yes. Once Addy was born five years ago, I told Hayley little to no speaking until she was two. We were so intense on the new realm of parenting and the new dynamic in our marriage, we renewed the years of ‘No’ each year up to last year.

While it means less involvement in a local church, we feel that we’re called to minister to others as sometimes missionaries, teachers, evangelists, counselors, and prophets (not welcome for long!) in this current season.

If so inclined, please pray for us as we travel and speak. Neither one of us yearn for the stage or spotlight, but people have been asking for five years. We just figured it was time to say ‘Yes.’

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