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Porn Addiction in America

Read it and weep. ht: los


Realized wretchedness does not equal humility

You hear it all the time, especially in gospel-centered circles, people saying how wretched they are and how loved they are in spite of it. True and true. But when I hear me reminding myself over and over how wretched I am, seems a lot of attention is, well, on me.


The 13th Apostle - Kyle

Not many people know this, but instead of just twelve apostles that followed Jesus around, legend has it that there was a thirteenth named Kyle. Kyle was a dude who loved the ladies. In fact, some would say he was a tad obsessed. For instance, when Jesus fed the five thousand, the apostles were instructed to gather up all the leftovers. The Apostle Kyle used the opportunity to cruise the […]


When we hold onto our sin

Confession has to be one of the most neglected aspects of the Christian faith. In fact, most Christian organizations create a culture that dissuades confession. Churches have bogus “restoration processes” that are in print but not in practice. What often happens is more like a good old Amish shunning; “there are plenty of churches around, just find another one and we’ll be praying for you.” We don’t hate the sin […]


I'm sorry for all the hearts I've broken

I recently got hate mail from a boy I knew in college. Ouch! He saw that I was a Christian author now and he was beside himself.   See, he knew me before, back in the day when I lived only for the moment and knew nothing about the power of God to save me from the tyranny of self. He and I were friends who started to think that […]


Bieber love vs. Bible love

In a recent Rolling Stone interview, when Justin Bieber was asked about his opinion on abstinence, he said “I think you should just wait for the person you’re…in love with.” It seems everyone has an opinion on love, but there are so many contradictions. How do you get to the truth?


B4UD8 (Before You Date)

Whether d8ing or w8ing, ther r 7 thngs u need 2 kno B4UD8! It doesn’t matter if you’ve kissed dating good-bye or embraced dating with a bear hug, there are some things that you absolutely must know before hanging out with the opposite sex. Whether you’re curious about your first date or want a better outcome than your last relationship, everybody could use a little wisdom before diving headfirst into […]