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Are You Dead Yet?

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Over It!

It’s time to put your past in its place. The past is part of your story. Whether it’s good or bad, the past shapes you into who you are. But it’s easy to get hung up on things that happened yesterday, or last week, or last year. And when you can’t get over the past, you can’t move on to the future. Over It shows you how to pick yourself up, […]


Rid of My Disgrace

I have a confession to make. I don’t like to read. I’m not making this up. I only like to read until I get the point and, oftentimes, that’s way before the writer has finished making his or hers. In my opinion, most books are far too long. It doesn’t help that I’m easily distracted. So the fact that I don’t like to read is reason #1 that I don’t […]



I have never been enamored with celebrity. Maybe it’s my gambling background and the ability to see through people, but celebrity just isn’t my thing. In fact, being exposed to the christian side of celebrity, I could tell you stories about some of people’s favorite pastors/authors/speakers that would make your toes curl.


The Chick Flick Future Spouse List for Singles

I just read a blog post from a well-known author where his current fiancee shared with him a list she wrote when she was a teen describing her future spouse. Here’s the list:


The Year of Yes

Hayley had a big week last week, speaking at the Unfading Beauty fashion show and then keynoting the mini-conference on Saturday. Reviews sounded great. But this week, the ball is in my court as I travel to Texas to lead a church youth retreat near the Gulf, then speak to parents of teens at the church Sunday morning before preaching to the whole congregation. Phew! 


Counting Crosses

I counted dollars while God counted crosses, I counted gains while He counted losses, I counted my worth by the things gained in store But He sized me up by the scars that I bore. I coveted honors and sought for degrees, He wept as He counted the hours on my knees; I never knew until one day by the grave How vain are the things that we spend life […]


Where are the confident men?

This is going into the new God Guy Bible, releasing next Spring: For a God Guy, confidence is a requirement. Insecurity points to a weak faith, because security comes from what you know to be true about God, not about your strengths. When guys fear the future, when they resist faith and lose hope, they turn from the God they love and decide to live in a world of fear.


Are you a gospel glutton?

The first time I remember hearing the phrase, “preach the gospel to yourself” was from Jerry Bridges. He wrote a wonderful and convicting book called “Respectable Sins” that I highly recommend. The idea behind the phrase was a great one: that reminding ourselves of the good news that Christ came to save and justify sinners applies to our lives even after our conversion since we still sin. But lately I’m […]



Billie Jean plus ukelele equals awesome

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