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True Purity

What if everything you’ve heard about purity wasn’t quite right? True Purity isn’t only about waiting and keeping your body under wraps—it’s about being purely God’s in every way. Any desire that prevents you from giving God 100 percent of your life leads to impurity. But here’s the amazing truth about purity: Purity isn’t something you achieve for yourself—your purity is really God’s job. True purity is something that is […]


Die Young

You’re Never Too Old to Die Young In a world that tempts you to chase happiness through self-centeredness, Michael and Hayley DiMarco shoot straight with you. Living for yourself will destroy you, and the only path to real life is through death to self. Here, the DiMarcos give you the rewarding (and sometimes counterintuitive) reasons for choosing to live for Jesus as you dig deep and bury yourself in Christ.


The Brave

What do you fear? Failure? Bullies? Pop quizzes? Abandonment? Natural disasters? Doing something embarrassing? There’s a ton of stuff in this world that makes us fearful, stressed, and worried. Things that make us want to give up and hide. Things that make us doubt that God cares. But the Brave around us aren’t somehow superhuman. They’ve just learned to have faith. Not in themselves, but in something–in Someone–much bigger than […]


Independence Day

Graduation Day Is Independence Day! It’s the day you’ve been waiting for. The day you graduate. The day you declare your independence. The beginning of a bright future where you are finally the one in charge of choosing your job, your classes, your career–your life. But there’s more to independence than getting to choose what you want to do. While graduation brings new freedom, it also brings a whole new […]


God Guy Bible

Combining the clear everyday language of GOD’S WORD Translation with inspirational writing from bestselling author Michael DiMarco, the God Guy Bible is jam-packed with these timeless features: Devotions and Bible study helps. We know that reading the Bible can be challenging. That’s why we’ve included lots of extra features to create a Bible that can grow with you. book intros including quick facts about the author, the audience, themes, and more profiles of God Guys you’ll find […]


July Bestsellers

The Christian Booksellers Association July bestseller lists are out and our books occupy five of the top ten on the Young Adult list and two of the Top 50 of all Christian books! Read more…



Michael and Hayley talking books and Die Young on 100 Huntley Street review of Independence Day

“Clear off your shelf of cheesy, cliché graduation books. You know the ones–Chicken Broth for the Graduate or The Prayer of Jabez for Seniors. Michael DiMarco has just written the book you need to be handing to your graduating seniors this spring.” Read the rest of the review over at


Spring has sprung on the bestseller list!

The Christian Booksellers Association April bestseller lists are out and our books occupy half of the top ten on the Young Adult list!



Helping Guys Understand Purity

Paul Turner from LifeWay Students interviews Michael DiMarco, author of God Guy, about the need for guys to understand and live out biblical purity.