My wife Hayley and I need your help with something. Do you like movies? Do you like music? Do you like great stories? Then I need you to take time and spread the word about a fantastic movie with a great story AND great music that releases this coming Friday, Oct. 4th. The movie is Grace Unplugged and even though it’s not out yet, I’ve seen the movie four times already and I can’t say enough about it. But before I say more, watch the trailer:

Awesome right? Let me tell you about the cast of this movie because it’s top notch! Grace is played by AJ Michalka. You might know her from her time at Disney as half of the sister group, Aly & AJ. She’s starred in such big films like Super 8. Combine her with James Denton as her dad, Kevin Pollak as her music manager, Jamie Grace as her best friend, and Michael Welch (from Twilight) and you get a true Hollywood cast for a movie about life and faith.

I should probably also mention that the book you see in the trailer (and movie,) Own It, is a book that me and my wife Hayley I wrote and it’s in stores now. So we’re kind of in the movie too!


Click the cover to read about the book on Amazon

So here’s where I need your help: Grace Unplugged is releasing this weekend to over 500 screens nationwide. That’s a good sized release, but in Hollywood the first weekend is crucial and decides if the movie goes to more screens or if its scaled back the following weeks. Would you consider helping us get the word out and pack out the theaters this weekend? You going to see a movie like this sends a message to Hollywood that we want more movies made with this kind of message but also with this quality of acting and music. Not sure if there’s a theater near you showing the movie? Here’s a list of all the theaters (so far) that will be showing GU this coming weekend:

And if you want to go the extra mile, here’s the link to free downloadable GU avatars, banners, posters, and Facebook covers:

So share this post with your friends, parents, co-workers, and pastors. I’ve never recommended a “faith-based” movie before, but this one is absolutely worth recommending. So share, like, and comment on this post and I’ll see you at the movies!

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