I have never been enamored with celebrity. Maybe it’s my gambling background and the ability to see through people, but celebrity just isn’t my thing. In fact, being exposed to the christian side of celebrity, I could tell you stories about some of people’s favorite pastors/authors/speakers that would make your toes curl.

In fact, I’m getting to the point where I care less about a christian celebrity’s doctrine than I do about how they treat others, especially the difference in how they treat their followers and their dissenters.

I used to be a people pleaser. To the point of ruin, really. Now I’ve probably overcorrected and now I’m too salty, too much of a straight-shooter. People occasionally call me a jerk, or that I’m unkind. And that’s probably true more times than not. Ask my friends that have only known me since I started writing books, and they’ll say the same thing. I shoot too straight at times. This hasn’t ramped up because I’m suddenly a know-it-all, but because I’ve encountered too many ‘fake’ celebrities. I’ve been back stage when they take off their mask or in their boardroom when the gloves come off.

One time one of my ‘famous’ friends got crapped on by a publisher and I spoke out about it publicly while most of his similarly famous or aspiringly famous friends stayed publicly silent. Why were they silent? My only guess was they were afraid of hurting their celebrity standing and ability to get book deals and speaking gigs. I’d rather take a bullet for a friend (even a friend of a friend) over the principle of the wrong than protect my current or future follower count on Twitter.

Lastly, the biggest threat that christian celebrity brings is not the pride of the individual seeking celebrity or clinging to maintain it, but instead the masses that consume their words as gospel. For more on this, please do yourself a favor and read my wife’s article, All Christian Authors Are Wrong.


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