How Well-Intentioned Insecure Leaders Do Harm

Well-intentioned insecure leaders do great harm. I know I have in the past because of me rooting my self-worth in the love of man and my feelings instead of the grace of the Gospel. The problem is when trying to speak into the well-intentioned insecure leader’s life, you usually get constant bewildered looks or quick apologies with little change or repentance. I think this TS Eliot quote explains what’s going […]


The Destructive Effects of Insecurity

Sam Storms posted on The Gospel Coalition website ten things he wished he’d known earlier in his 40 years of pastoral ministry. I encourage you to check out all ten, but wanted to feature #10 here because it’s such good advice for not just pastors, but any leader of consequence, including parents! I’ve found it true in my life and in the lives of many a leader that’s struggled with […]


Loose Hats and a Sinful Heart

Here are a few things I’ve learned as of Day 3 on my Lenten hairless journey: My wife and daughter are pretty much past the “surprised by the intruder in the house” effect of my unhairdo. My reflection is becoming less startling to me. I can pull shirts and sweaters on and off and not worry about messing up my hair. My hats are suddenly very loose. It is so […]


Giving Up Hair For Lent

I shaved my head for Lent yesterday. Much like many evangelicals have rediscovered and embraced Advent of a season of preparation for Christmas, Lent is a season of preparation and reflection on the Passion and coming of Easter. More (or less) on my hair in a minute. Last year at this time, I was on staff at a Southern Baptist church. As plans for a big Easter Sunday consumed the […]