Why I left D6 fuming mad

UPDATE: I wrote this post 18 months ago (September 2013.) And the Hulk-like rage is still surging through my veins but with fruit to show for it. Make sure to check out the link at the end of the post! *** It’s been a little over a week since the D6 Conference in Louisville and me driving away fuming mad. Here are three things that have stuck with me since […]


House Fire

You can’t save someone from a burning building if they don’t think it’s on fire. Problem is, if you spend too much time trying to convince them from the inside of the building, you’re likely to lose your strength to smoke inhalation. Make your best efforts, then get yourself outside. And if you love the people on the inside, grab a bullhorn and a hose.


Reviews can make an author's day

Even though we’ve published over 40 books now, we’ve only had three released as audio books and all three were books that Hayley and I co-authored. The first was “Over It” and we had the option of being the narrators but we passed due to scheduling conflicts. When I heard the recording, I grimaced because they only used one narrator because chunks of the book are written by me in […]


The top reasons junior or princess leave the church

The top reasons junior or princess leave the church, in reverse order: 5. They hear sermons that are either self-help driven (what you get out of it,) church/money-driven (building campaigns, volunteers/workers needed,) or bible trivia-driven (head knowledge) instead of gospel-driven (heart knowledge.) 4. They don’t WANT to belong to a country club and, conversely, they don’t NEED to belong to a night club or comedy club. 3. Church is seen as […]


When your wounds itch

“Medicating to feel complete just treats the symptoms rather than the cause. Whether you are looking for the one person or the one drug to stop the pain, you are ultimately looking for a numbing agent rather than a healing one. But there is an answer to all of this wound stuff and that is in the one place you’ve probably looked at but never fully considered to treat your wounds, […]


The New Narcotic

“The National Survey on Drug Use and Health estimated that in 2008 there were 1.9 million cocaine users. According to the Central Intelligence Agency, there are an estimated 2 million heroin users in the United States, with some 600,000 to 800,000 considered hardcore addicts. Compare these numbers to the 40 million regular users of online pornography in America. Neurological research has revealed that the effect of internet pornography on the human brain is just as potent—if […]


A must have album

Disclaimer: I know Micah Tyler. I’ve shared “Boneless Thursdays” with him at Buffalo Wild Wings back when both of our Body Mass Indexes hovered dangerously close to the “more boneless than not” metric. Micah is a friend. Even though he gave me tracks to listen to along his recording journey, I bought the album on iTunes today. I’m a paying customer. That being said, this is a review of his […]


The things students and youth need from their church

Here are the things kids and students need from their church (in order of importance:) 1. An emphasis on discipling parents to know how to disciple their kids.** 2. Paid staff and volunteers emphasizing one-on-one time with students over group activities. 3. Stop using bible stories as moral lessons for behavior modification. 4. Elevation of the quiet, awkward, and outcast. 5. Less mountain-top experiences (camps, conferences) and more living room […]


Go see this movie this weekend

My wife Hayley and I need your help with something. Do you like movies? Do you like music? Do you like great stories? Then I need you to take time and spread the word about a fantastic movie with a great story AND great music that releases this coming Friday, Oct. 4th. The movie is Grace Unplugged and even though it’s not out yet, I’ve seen the movie four times […]